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AIM Global - Infinity Team Updates

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:09 am

Applying for BCO or Country Manager (Master Distributor) through Infinity Team
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 00:00

If you want to apply for a Business Center Office, either local or international (i.e., to become a Country Manager / Master Distributor), we encourage you to sign-up with AIM Global through us with a minimum of 7 to 15 accounts to show your commitment to our team prior to us assisting you with your plans considering that what you are eyeing is a big endeavor and specific things need to get done.

Upon confirmation of payment, we can start doing business.

You must be financially and legally capable to consider these options as there is a defined volume of product inventory that will need to be purchased depending on the area of responsibility as well as legal documents that need to be processed from your end. We have the leverage to assist you in this regard.

Information dissemination and responding to queries
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 03 March 2010 00:00

We will continue to provide the general public searchable information pertaining to AIM Global products and its distribution business through this website and other mirror sites managed by Infinity Team and will continue to update information to reflect the current business landscape.

However, based on newest team development, please note that due to volume of inquiries and to address our concern pertaining to some entities dropping emails to phish for information, we will refrain from entertaining queries for non-members of the Infinity Team, distributors of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc.

We believe that most queries can be answered by reading specific parts of our website and should be sufficient to make an informed decision. For new sign-ups under Infinity Team, rest assured that we will do our best so you get all the help you can get for you to succeed in the AIM Global business.

FREE PowerPoint Presentations
Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 00:00

We have created three (3) new custom-built PowerPoint files that are streamlined for delivering powerful presentations.

* Company Introduction
* Product Presentation
* Opportunity Plan Presentation

If you are a member of the Infinity Team, you are entitled to have a copy of these very nice PowerPoint slides. Please drop us a note and indicate your AIM Global ID number.

Links to Popular AIM Global Videos
Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 19:58

As we progress with our development, we will soon provide links to popular Alliance in Motion Global videos scattered over the Internet for easy reference by our associates and visitors. Our implementation includes videos as published articles. With that, we can now include a brief synopsis for each of the movie clips presented.

This also provides the capability for the videos to be searched along with the rest of the articles within the site through our built-in search engine. As our site grows large over time with fresh information (some are for public viewing and some can only be accessed by Infinity Team associates), this structure is very much desirable.

Infinity Team - Ready for the Global Expansion Program

The Infinity Team has launched its global marketing campaign through this website while continuously working on the ever increasing market in the Philippines. Our new look has drawn its inspiration from the official site... only leaner and easier to navigate as well as highly searchable and packed with specific tools exclusive for our team associates that will complement existing tools and materials provided by Alliance in Motion Global. This include a discussion board and support forum as well as an online directory that is projected to grow over time.

The directory is still in the process of being populated and will include AIM Global Business Center Offices both local and abroad as well as associates who wants to have their names listed. This is useful for profiling as well.

We have a specific roadmap pertaining to technology implementations geared towards providing value-added services to our team associates. The roadmap will be detailed inside the forums at some point.

These are among the reasons why you will choose to be part of our team. We are ready for the global market!

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