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AIM Global Package: Your Key to Sucess

Open the Key to your Success!
The Global Package entitles a person to become an AIM Global Distributor. It costs Php8,500* using online credit card payment (roughly around USD174) per head or Php7,980 cash payment paid directly at the Head Office through us.

A person who wants to sign-up can even get multiple accounts (e.g., 7 heads or 15 heads) for greater earning potential in the AIM Global business. This amount may appear to be big for some, but knowing what you get in return makes the price tag look like a yellow tag in SM Department store (i.e., value for money).

*Shipping cost not included.

We can say that a product or service is expensive if the value returned to you is a lot less than what you paid for. AIM Global ensures that the benefits that comes with the Global Package is worth your money.

Here's what you get:

* You can choose from 3 Global Packages with specific product combinations
o Global Package A (with 3 Complete Phyto-Energizer blister packs and 2 RestorLyf Longevity Formula blister packs)
o Global Package B (with 4 RestorLyf Longevity Formula blister packs)
o Global Package C (with 3 RestorLyf Longevity Formula blister packs, 1 Complete Phyto-Energizer blister pack and 1 Liven Cofee-ceuticals box)
o NOTE: Product inclusions of the Global Package for International distribution is different from that of the Philippines. Please check respective product positioning per country/market.

* Start-up Sales Kit
o Folder for presentation
+ Video Presentation CD
+ Insurance Certificate
+ Scholarship Certificate
+ - ATM application form (BPI and BDO)
+ ID application form
+ The ATM will be used for your daily and monthly income.

* Website / Webpage - Your own account in AIM Global's computer system that monitors all your successful sales transactions as well as your group's. This Data Tracking Center allows you to monitor your business anytime, anywhere.
* Technology Services - Real-time internet-based access to your account 24/7.

Further, once you have purchased your first Global Package, you become a LIFETIME¹ distributor and start to have the following advantage:

* 6 Major Ways to Earn - The Global Package gives you the key to start a very rewarding business -- learn and follow the system and you can EARN a maximum payout of Php24,000.00 a day per head. Alliance in Motion Global’s hybrid system enables you to earn in 6 major ways.
o 1. Retailing (Enjoy 25% lifetime discount on all products!)
o 2. Direct Sponsoring
o 3. Match Sales Bonus (Binary)
o 4. Unilevel Sales Bonus
o 5. Stairsteps (Overriding Commission)
o 6. Royalty Income
o Others: Profit Sharing
* Fast Pay Process - Daily payout for your earnings (through BPI or BDO cards) in the Philippines and weekly for International payouts (through CityTrust VISA)
* Travel Incentives
* Freebies (note: check your respective country/market for freebie inclusions)
o FREE AIM Global, Inc. transferable scholarship certificate (Up to 25% to 100% on tuition fees until graduation)
o FREE personal accident insurance certificate with the following coverage per person:
+ Accidental Death & Disablement P200,000.00
+ Unprovoked Murder and Assault P50,000.00
+ Medical Reimbursement P10,000.00
+ Burial Expense P10,000.00
o FREE one-time medical checkup (with routine lab tests and x-ray) and discount on your next visit

These are concrete reasons why AIM Global, Inc. is growing very strong each day. Be a part of AIM Global and start experiencing a healthier life and a totally profitable business without a lot of financial risks (come to think of it... no one has ever jumped out of a building for losing less than Php8,000.00 or owing Php8500.00 to his/her card company). What have you got to lose compared to what you can potentially earn beyond what you are currently receiving with your present job or business? Extend your reach. Order your Global Packages now.

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